We respect
the technologies

  • Accuracy to a gram, percent, degree;
  • We engage best experts from the countries
    of origin of the cheeses;
  • Authentic technology and design.

We produce the product we love

  • Our product consists of high grade milk and natural ingredients;
  • Temperature control of the product within the whole supply chain;
  • We introduce at least 4 products to the market
    per year;
  • We will focus on fresh cheeses for the next 10 years.

Permanent improvement

  • With KAIZEN technology, we increase productivity
    by 10% every year;
  • Every year each employee takes a 4-day internship
    at related departments;
  • Feedback is a reason for improvement;
  • Our partners are industry leaders.

We make high-quality cheese accessible

  • The route from the factory to the store takes
    no longer than 20% of the product’s shelf life;
  • We work directly with all chain stores.
    Distributor = dispatcher;
  • Health, taste and freshness are the values
    of our brands.